● Features:
1. Emitted Color: UV
2. Lens Appearance: Clean quartz lens
3. 3.7×3.7×3.45mm standard package.
4. Suitable for all SMT assembly methods.
5. Compatible with infrared and vapor phase
reflow solder process.
6. Compatible with automatic placement
7. This product doesn’t contain restriction
Substance, comply ROHS standard.

● Applications:
1. UV Curing

● Part Numbering System:

(1)K : Substrate code
(2)Package type: 3535
(3)LED Color:P1 means UVA segment
(4)Chip code
(5)0:CRI not required
(6)M:Type of Silicon
(7)011: Code bin

● Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25℃)


※Duty 1/10, Pulse Width 0.1ms.
△Soldering time max 10sec
■please refer to IF-Ta diagram of curves for the temperature during application

●Para meter

● Typical Electro-Optical Characteristics Curves

●Test items and results of reliability

●Judgment criteria of failure for the reliability

Note: .1. U means the upper limit of specified characteristics. S means initial value.
2. After each test, remove test pieces, wait for 2 hours and test pieces have returned to ambient
temperature, then take next measurement.

● Soldering :
1. Manual Soldering
The temperature of the iron tip should not be higher than 350℃and Soldering time to be within 3 seconds per
2. Reflow Soldering
Preheating : 140℃~160℃±5℃,within 2 minutes.
Operation heating : 260℃(Max.) within 10 seconds.(Max)
Gradual Cooling (Avoid quenching).

● Storage:
In order to avoid the absorption of moisture, it is recommended to solder LEDs as soon as possible after unpacking the
sealed envelope.
If the envelope is still packed, to store it in the environment as following:
(1) Temperature : 5℃-30℃(41℉)Humidity : RH 60﹪Max.
(2) After this bag is opened, devices that will be applied to infrared reflow, vapor-phase reflow, or equivalent
soldering process must be:
a. Completed within 168 hours.
b. Stored at less than 30% RH.
(3) Devices require baking before mounting, if:
(2) a or (2) b is not met.
(4) If baking is required, devices must be baked under below conditions:
48 hours at 60℃±3℃.

● Package and Label of Products:
(1)Package: Products are packed in one bag of 500 pcs (one taping reel) and a label is attached to each bag.

● Tapping and packaging specifications (Units: mm)