The word “Bingri” is derived from the word “普” which means that in the face of the ever-changing science and technology, we walk side by side with the world in a humble manner and strive for excellence and innovation day and night.

Bingri Electronic Technology Headquarters is located in China-Shenzhen and was established in 2002.

Focused mainly on MLCC capacitor test packaging and sales, we have obtained customer’s attention and a number of international certifications. We have successfully cooperated with the world’s major suppliers and established our winding inductor department. We continue to import high-end winding equipment and carry out development and production, including.

Our History


The company set up a branch factory in Taoyuan-Pingzhen, using the USB2.0-2012 (0805) common-mode inductor as the spindle.


The company passed ISO 9001.


The company passes TS16949.


The company successfully developed HDMI-2012 (0805) 10GHZ, balun filter 2012 (0805), high-current common-mode inductors 3225 (1210) and 4532 (1812)for our automotive industry clients and our products have helped them receive positive feedback and customer loyalty.


The company actively invested in new network transformers (Lan Transformers) 3216 (1206)/3532/4532 (1812) and automotive Ethernet 3225 (1210)/4532 (1812) in response to customer demand in the automotive market and connectors.


The company relocated the plant to Taichung Industrial Park, upgraded and imported high-end equipment.


The company became the general agent of the Chinese region of MAX ECHO (5228).