Deep Ultraviolet Packaging


The company’s UV LED curing solutions are widely used in the curing of inks, coatings and adhesives. Solid-state devices based on semiconductor technology use diffuse properties to effectively cure the surface of objects. This technology significantly reduces the temperature of the cured surface. Applications include mobile phones, electronics, automobiles, surface coating and industrial printing. Our UV LED curing technology continues to develop new applications for our customers as their needs grow. With an air-cooled product based on the unique technology of COB integrated light source, curing machine provides the highest UV output and the best operating performance.

In the era of energy conservation and environmental protection, we have highlighted the unique advantages of this UV LED technology in the environmental use of various fields. We can provide effective solutions according to the different needs and specific conditions of our customers. Whether it is for the application of existing processes or the development of new solutions, the company’s UV LED curing solutions not only provides the best tools for various industries.