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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, China continues to spread and is currently attracting global attention. As of today, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has reached 9,821. The WHO has identified Wuhan pneumonia as an international public health emergency. According to experts from the Mainland Virus Prevention and Control Institute, the SARS (SARAr-CoV) virus can be killed in 30 minutes under UVC irradiation greater than 90uW/cm2. At present, through heat radiation experiments, it has been found that the temperature rises and the survival rate of the new coronavirus follows. Therefore, it is judged that the UVC radiation energy of 2019-nCoV is less than that of SARAr-CoV, but the energy of the radiator requires further research.

In order to prevent virus infection and spread, in addition to basic protection such as wearing masks and frequent hand washing, UVC LED active sterilization has greatly increased the market attention. According to the ultraviolet light band, UVC (200~280nm) is divided into deep ultraviolet light. With the advantages of short wavelength, high energy and continuously adjustable luminous wavelength, it can destroy microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and spores) through radiation in a short time. And other pathogens) the molecular structure in the cell and the function of destroying the nucleic acid, making the microbial cell dead and unable to regenerate, achieving the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. UVC is therefore widely used in air sterilization and purification, water sterilization (including static water and flowing water), surface disinfection (such as water tanks, direct drinking water, humidifiers and smart toilet sterilization) medical phototherapy applications. At present, people have begun to continuously improve the health and hygiene requirements of daily necessities, and domestic and foreign manufacturers have also begun to launch various portable disinfection and sterilization protection products, and conduct marketing education.

With the fierce competition in the LED general lighting industry and the continued decline in gross profit margins, major manufacturers began to move to niche markets very early. Lin Zhengxian, an industry analyst at the Optoelectronics Association, pointed out that the current price of UVC LEDs is still in the high-margin market, which naturally attracts investment and deployment from many companies in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan. Lin Zhengxian further pointed out that last year, many LED manufacturers around the world actively developed UVC LED products, including Nichia, OSRAM OS, UVphotonics, Violumas, etc., adding new momentum to the development of the ultraviolet application market, as well as the huge demand for the water treatment market. Japanese and Korean manufacturers are actively looking towards The development of high-power LED applications has entered the mobile water module market. Due to the late transformation of domestic manufacturers, compared with foreign manufacturers, domestic manufacturers are at a disadvantage in global competition. However, in recent years, the domestic brand UVC LED has developed rapidly, and UVC application products have been launched one after another. For example, Lite-On released a high-power UVC LED for home drinking water system, which can achieve 99.99% sterilization effect, and Longda developed an optical lens package. Type, UVC LED with irradiation energy of 15mW, can be used for daily sterilization and disinfection.


Assistant Professor Hong Mingrui of the Department of Environmental and Safety and Sanitation Engineering at Ming Chi University of Technology believes that the signing of the International Convention on the prohibition of mercury (mercury) in 2013, the new generation of UV LEDs has gradually replaced the traditional UV lamps, coupled with life hygiene The importance of quality, the use of UV LED sterilization and purification applications on the market will become more and more popular. UV LED has become a star weapon for human public health epidemic prevention and product cleanliness, and it is expected to provide cleaner, safer and cleaner products for human daily life. Healthy environment.

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